What are the CASE Global Reporting Standards?
Posted by Cindy Moon-Barna, Last modified by Cindy Moon-Barna on 02 June 2021 02:02 PM

The CASE Global Reporting Standards are a common set of standards, guidelines, and definitions for reporting the results of educational philanthropy activities at schools, colleges, and universities across the globe.    

Previously referred to as the CASE Reporting Standards and Management Guidelines, the new book (available in print and for the first time, through a digital subscription) represents worldwide standards for institutional fundraising, with new definitions for educational philanthropy and important guidance around gift counting, funds received, new funds committed, and donor control and influence. 

The CASE Global Reporting Standards are an example of CASE and its members’ leadership in shaping internal institutional policies for counting, reporting, and recognizing philanthropic contributions.   

All professions have standards; advancement is no different – and CASE is the leader for advancement standards (fundraising, and increasingly alumni relations and marketing and communications), and has been promulgating Standards since 1982.