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Password/Login Assistance
Posted by , Last modified by Jennifer Tsepas on 15 February 2021 01:44 PM
Password Reset:

Use the password reset function.

Which email address should I enter?

Enter your work Email address (most common). 

This is my first time logging in to the CASE Website. How do I obtain login information?

Create an account to get started. Be sure to affiliate with your institution during the account creation process.

I've recently changed jobs/changed my name/changed my email address. How can I login to update my profile with CASE?

  • Login to the CASE website. Some profile updates can be made in your MY ACCOUNT area. Name changes cannot be made online. You must contact Member Support to change your name. It is possible to change your employer online via your address details, but it is easier to contact Member Support for those changes. 
  • If you don't know your old credentials, submit a ticket, providing your former/new name, institution and/or Email address.

I'm trying to create an account for my colleague - How can I create a CASE account on behalf of someone else?

  • If you are the institution's designated Membership Coordinator, login to the CASE website and go to MY ACCOUNT. Once in your account, you should see a "Roster" tab near the top of the central screen (if you don't see it, you are not the coordinator or you are not designated correctly. Submit a ticket to Support)
    1. Once you see your roster, review it to make sure the person isn't already listed. If they are not, there is a blue button, above the grid, on the right-side, that says ADD INDIVIDUAL. Click this button. You will see a search screen again. This screen searches our entire database - not just your roster - to see if the person may be listed elsewhere. If they are found, you may move them to your institution. If they are not found, you can proceed to enter their information and create the account.
  • If you are not a designated coordinator, you may still create an account for someone else in one of two ways:
    1. If your task requires you to register the new person for a conference, there is an avenue to create an account during the registration process. 1. Login with your own credentials and navigate to the main conference page 2. Click the buttons for registration 3.When presented with the options to register yourself or others - click the blue button option to "register someone else or a group" 4. Search for the name you want to add in the grid. If not found, there's text just above the grid that says, generally "If the person is not here" 
    2. To create an account for someone else without a conference registration, simply open a different browser that is cleared of prior history with CASE and click LOGIN in the upper right. On the login screen, there is a link to "Create Account". The CASE website uses cookies, so make sure you are not logged in as yourself when you are trying to create an account for someone else using this method. 

I'm still having trouble, what else can I do?

Submit a Ticket to your regional CASE office. In U.S. and Canada, select the Login/CASE Website Issues Department & in all other regions, select "General Inquiry" to quickly bring your issue to the attention of the CASE Member Support teams.