Why is there a need for reporting standards?
Posted by Cindy Moon-Barna, Last modified by Cindy Moon-Barna on 02 June 2021 02:03 PM

Philanthropic support is a critical revenue stream which requires educational leaders to understand standards exist and enable effective leadership in this area and to mitigate risk. Educational philanthropy and advancement are increasingly a global endeavor and the need for educational institutions to have the ability to benchmark with their most appropriate peer institutions has never been more important. Standardizing key metrics for educational institutions anywhere in the world means all institutions can now benchmark against each other using the suite of CASE AMAtlas tools. In addition, regional supplements for Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, United Kingdom, and the United States provide opportunities for regional comparisons to complement the global perspective.

Donors want to know that their contributions to institutions are being stewarded ethically and transparently. Institution leaders want to ensure their advancement efforts follow the principles and standards set across the profession, and in service of institutional mission. The increasing complexity of gift agreements warrants closer monitoring of those instruments so that they remain consistent and viable in alignment with the goals of the institutions they support.

This is at the heart of CASE’s mission: to be a catalyst for advancing education worldwide by inspiring, challenging, and equipping communities of professionals to act effectively and with integrity to champion the success of their institutions.