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What is new about the CASE Global Reporting Standards?
Publicado por Cindy Moon-Barna, Last modified by Cindy Moon-Barna en 02 June 2021 02:01 PM

For the first time, The CASE Global Reporting Standards will include chapters from Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Europe which are applicable to CASE’s global membership and address the needs of institutions and members in key markets around the globe.   

Also, for the first time, the CASE Statement on Ethics and the CASE Principles of Practice will appear within the pages of the standards book. The CASE Principles of Practice were all recently updated by the CASE Commissions for Philanthropy, Communications and Marketing, and Alumni Relations and provide global guidelines for those professions. 

Within the standards themselves, guidance on donor control and donor influence, new metrics for funds received and new funds committed, and further clarification on sponsored research grants are among the more significant changes made within the new global edition.  

Finally, the CASE Global Reporting Standards will appear in print and digital form for the first time in its history. Because this and future editions will be digital, it means CASE and the advancement disciplines will be able to respond to changes in the profession in a more timely and rolling basis.