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Membership Coordinator Portal - Manage Roster Online
Publicado por Jennifer Tsepas, Last modified by Jennifer Tsepas en 27 March 2019 09:13 PM

Individuals designated as the Primary or Secondary Membership Coordinator for their institution can now login to the CASE website and manage their institution's roster and pay their membership dues online.

To visit the coordinator Portal or to pay the institutional dues online:

  • Login at 
  • Click on "MY ACCOUNT"
  • Once in your profile, see the left-side menu for the links to the portal and to pay dues online*

*If you are not designated as a coordinator, you will not see the links to the portal or be able to pay dues online. Please contact CASE for assistance.

What can Coordinators do online?

  • Add new staff
  • Remove staff who have left
  • Manage those designated as secondary coordinators
  • Manage print subscribers of Currents magazine (if your membership term has been renewed)
  • Obtain a current roster of staff listed with CASE in PDF or Excel format.
  • Pay institutional dues invoice

Are there things Coordinators cannot do online?

  • Primary coordinators cannot replace themselves as the primary coordinator online. To do this, please contact CASE: 202-328-2273 
  • Coordinators cannot update other staff job titles, mailing addresses or Email addresses

Please encourage your colleagues to login to their own accounts and make these updates themselves in their account profile.