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Receiving the Print Version of Currents
Publicado por Jennifer Tsepas, Last modified by Jennifer Tsepas en 27 March 2019 09:47 PM

Institutions receive a certain allotment of complimentary Currents magazine subscriptions. The list of recipients is typically managed by the person designated as the Membership Coordinator at your institution (though some institutions may maintain their own processes)

If you'd like to receive the print version of the magazine, connect with your Membership Coordinator. The coordinator can go online to check if there are slots available. If there are, they can designate you as a recipient for the next issue. 

If there are no slots available, you may purchase a subscription for $165.00 USD annually (contact Member Support for prices in other currencies). Please Submit a Ticket to request an invoice for a subscription.

CASE Member Support staff can also assist with determining whether there are slots available at your institution and/or look up who the Membership Coordinator is at your institution. Please Submit a Ticket or call your regional CASE office.